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 Cut Away:
a novel

- Catherine Kirkwood

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Cut Away and Catherine Kirkwood (pdf)
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• 2010, 152 pages, $16.95
• ISBN: 0-9800407-9-5
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CUT AWAY: Catherine Kirkwood


"What could become a clumsy plot overlap is seamless in Kirkwood's hands—the book's multiple narrators deepening the tension of the novel. Scenes replayed through new eyes remain fresh instead of looking redundant. Kirkwood has a command of the craft of fiction that is arresting."
—from a review in Lambda Literay

"In her odd trio of narrators—a transgendered woman, the plastic surgeon she briefly lives with, and one of the surgeon's patients—Catherine Kirkwood's Cut Away (Arktoi, April 1) literalizes and embodies these issues of self-definition and genuineness...Kirkwood skillfully develops the issues of identity that these conflicts create; by rooting those issues in the physical world of appearances and transformation, she pushes them toward the Gothic."
—from a review in the Philadelphia City Paper

"Kirkwood's writing is precise and poetic—at times languorous—as the novel builds piece by piece in alternating points of view. As more information is revealed, however, the tension rises and Kirkwood does a skillful job of building psychological suspense. This is an intriguing, provocative and intelligent novel that makes the most of its abbreviated length and will appeal to a broad audience."
—from Debra Ginsberg's review in Shelf Awareness

"Kirkwood's prose is sure-handed and her characters' inner lives are as artfully reconstructed as the features Eleanor enhances. "
—from Kirkus Reviews, April 1, 2010

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