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 Hanging On Our Own Bones
- Judy Grahn
forthcoming 2017

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About the Book

This volume of selected and new poems will collect some of Judy Grahn's longer political poems and introduce new work to the world.

About the Author

Photo: Irene Young

Judy Grahn is internationally known as a poet, writer, and cultural theorist, and for having helped fuel feminist, gay and lesbian activism, and women’s spirituality movements since the 1960s. Recent publications include Love Belongs to Those Who Do the Feeling, The Judy Grahn Reader, and A Simple Revolution: the Making of an Activist Poet. Her forthcoming (and 14th) book is Hanging On Our Own Bones. Judy is a retired professor, continues writing and teaching, and co-edits an online journal based in her theory of menstrual ritual origins of human culture: Metaformia Journal. :